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Our beloved calico, Sovay, is dead. Details on [personal profile] fairestcat's journal, here and several entries before and after.

I miss her desperately and can't seem to stop crying. Meanwhile the world we knew is ending, brutally and finally, and practically everyone is posting ... cat pictures ... as distraction from the outrage and horror. (Please don't stop doing this. Please don't link me to other distractions. Experience suggests that when I'm ready to stop feeling terrible I'll stop on my own. I don't especially want to stop crying for her just yet.)

I want to write about her and I don't know if I ever will. It's just too hard, and I couldn't stand to have done it badly.

So I'll write about one of the moments of comfort, instead. I woke up at 4 today, because the bed was too empty and still. She liked to sleep on me, you see, and whenever I woke up and rolled over she'd take a tour over to the food dish, eat a few kibbles, and then come back to see what part of me was available for lying on now. I woke up cold, and sad, and hungry, and Cat came in to sit with me, and after a bit we made tea and porridge.


2/3 C Red River cereal (or other multigrain hot cereal mix)
2/3 C steel-cut oats
1/3 C quinoa
1/3 C dried cherries, preferably unsweetened
3C water

And bring to a boil, stirring slowly.
When it boils, reduce the heat to the minimum, cover the pot, and let it simmer for 15-20 minutes
Then add

1/2 C milk
2T honey
1 t cinnamon

Stir through and give the milk a minute to get hot,

And serve with hot, strong orange pekoe tea.

Consoles two, briefly but very well.

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Please accept my condolences. The hole in the heart never heals, but someday you will be able to tearlessly celebrate that she lived.
I am so very sorry for your loss. Kittys leave a big hole in our hearts when they go.
I'm so sorry about Sovay.
I don't know what to write when people are going through loss - "I'm so sorry" seems trite and useless. But my cowardly alternative, writing nothing at all, is probably not much better.

So, trite though it is, I'm really sorry you're waking up with a cold spot where a warm cat should be. (Which thought is suddenly making me cry, along with you and fairestcat.)

And I'm really glad you have tea. Tea will make everything better. (Eventually. It may take many and repeated doses.)

Sending you love and hugs.
I'm sorry about your loss. Fur-friends can be deep and loving friends.
Please accept my deepest sympathy on the loss of your cat. Those little creatures do find a deep place in our hearts.
You have my condolences on your loss.