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A Simple and Convenient Synthesis of Pseudoephedrine From

O. Hai,*a and I. B. Hakkenshita,b

Received 12th December 2011, Accepted 21st January 2012
First published on the web 23rd February 2012
DOI: 1F.1BC9/b00000F00A

A novel and straightforward synthesis of pseudoephidrine from readily available N-methylamphetamine is presented. This practical synthesis is expected to be a disruptive technology replacing the need to find an open pharmacy.

Via [personal profile] nancylebov. PDF. I have not tried this. I do not intend to try this. I do not recommend that YOU try this. I am not encouraging you to associate with meth dealers or manufacture medications in your home and will not be held responsible for the outcome of either. Do not read while drinking due to risk of aspiration. Read with caution if afflicted with a nasty painful hacking cough that feels as if your chest were being ripped asunder by vicious starving mutant weasels and makes your headache even worse and ... um. Sorry. ANYWAY.

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That's a *wonderful* piece of work ... :-)
That's a lovely bit of academic humour. My organic chem is a bit rusty and I'm not familiar with the third reaction step in the synthesis, but all of the other steps look plausible to me. (All of the work would have to be done with complete exclusion of oxygen and water, including processing the solvents to dehydrate and deoxygenate them. Even traces of oxygen or water would ruin things. It isn't the kind of thing that could be done easily at home. Even with the right equipment, it's tricky work.)