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I am, in general, firmly with [personal profile] oursin wrt guilty secrets.

OTOH, I am not sure what else to call the fact that sometimes after midnight when I am ripped on cold meds and yet cannot sleep I sometimes spend a surreal, googleicious and youtubeish hour or so attempting in a lazy sort of way to figure out exactly what Bez actually does, and why.

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It's an appropriate state of mind to be in when considering Bez. Although for the full effect go three days without sleep and/or ingest large quantities of mind altering substances and you'll go some of the way to replicating the mental state of the Mondays c. 1985-92.
As Tony Wilson said 'All great bands have chemistry, and Bez was a great chemist.' He was one of the original Manchester hedonists to discover the joys of E in Ibiza and bring it back home with him.